About LawDogs Guardian

LawDogs Guardian was created to help protect and educate those in need. Whether it be on patrol at your event or camp or training the community on how to protect themselves in the critical moments of an armed intruder event. Our teaching staff is only law enforcement or retired law enforcement. Our police training and certifications cover every element of Security and Protection against a violent attack.

We provide private security, as well as foundational training for the general public, as we believe personal safety knowledge should be accessible to all.

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Ty Peterson

Ty and his wife Kathleen live and raise their children in the Lakeland Area. Ty has been a certified Police Officer from 1997 – 2022. Ty was employed by a local Sheriff’s Department, as a sheriff’s deputy assigned to the Patrol / K-9 Division. He holds a B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. Ty was a certified law enforcement instructor and taught police officers in several disciplines. Ty also taught police recruits at the college level in Rhinelander. Ty was a certified trainer in Firearms, Defense, and Arrest Tactics as well as others. Ty has real-life police experiences and training, along with a passion for teaching. When you combine those with a commitment to community, you have an individual who is in place to make our students knowledgeable, safe, and empowered.

Training Resume, Over 220 Specialized Training groups:

  • The Reid Technique of Investigative Interviewing
  • Active Shooter Training
  • Gang Training
  • Forensic PostMortem Training
  • Concealed Weapons
  • Unified Tactical Instructor
  • FBI Officer Down Training
  • School Terrorism Full-Scale Exercise Training
  • NIMS Training
  • Flying While Armed
  • K-9 Patrol and K-9 Swat School
  • Elder Abuse Identification Training
  • HAZMAT Training
  • Alert Training
  • Alice Instructor Training
  • Taser Training
  • Chemical Munitions Training
  • Sub-Machine gun training
  • Emergency Vehicle Operation Course training
  • Defense and Arrest Instructor.
  • Firearms Instructor.
  • Basic and Advanced Swat School
  • Use of Force Simulator Instructor
  • Nordeg Drug Training
  • WI Certified Driver Education Instructor

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