We offer top-tier training, School safety consulting, and security protection solutions

Comprehensive Training, School Safety Consultation, Private Detective/Investigator, and Security Solutions for Summer Camps, Corporate/Healthcare, Schools, and Faith-Based Organizations!

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Our Family, Protecting Yours.  Whether in school, at work, at camp, or in church, our Family will be watching over yours.

Who We Are

LawDogs Guardian was founded in 2013, but the commitment to service started long before that. With over 25 years of law enforcement behind him as a deputy sheriff, swat co-commander, and 18-year K-9 handler, Ty Peterson has developed a passion for school, workplace, and community safety. After his service in law enforcement, Ty spent from 2021 to 2024 as the Dean of Students at Lakeland Union High School. Working as part of the LUHS administrative team, Ty was not only in charge of discipline but also operated as a school safety coordinator to help develop school safety plans and reunification methods.

The experience and knowledge gained working with the school administration team as they lead the school put Ty in the trenches of school functionality. Ty created LawDogs Guardian to help protect and educate those in need. Whether it be on patrol at your event or camp or training the community on how to protect themselves in the critical moments of an armed intruder event. Our teaching staff is only law enforcement or retired law enforcement. Our police training and certifications cover every element of Security and Protection against a violent attack.

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Our Services / Training

LawDogs Guardian provides School Safety and Consulting. We also provide Armed and Unarmed private security throughout Northern WI. From Summer Camps to Community events, LawDogs Guardian Security has you covered to keep you safe and protected. LawDogs Guardian Training provides classes to our students with the knowledge, skills, and practice on how to survive in the event of an armed or violent attack.

Private Security

LawDogs Guardian offers Armed and Unarmed Private Security. Our clients range from Northwoods children’s summer camps to concerts, to community events such as craft fairs and fireworks displays.

Private Detective/Investigator

  • Pre-sentence Investigation Reports (Private Attorney and Public Defender)
  • Private Detective investigative services
  • Civil Process Service
  • Community Corrections Revocation Hearing consultation/assistance

School Safety and Consulting

We have centered ourselves around the mission of the " I love you guys" foundation, the Standard Response Protocol, and the Standard Reunification Method. LawDogs, however, has created a learning matrix that supplements and supports the Amazing work the foundation has created

Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness for Safety training course provides the vital knowledge, tools, and techniques you need to systematically observe any environment and identify people or things that may not look right. 

Start Your Protection Training

Fear surrounding any crisis-related topic often stems from the perception of having a problem with no solution. Allow us to alleviate fear within your organization by offering solutions to potential crisis-related challenges.